About Us

The clinic welcomes everyone, from children to elderly to differently abled patients.
Additionally, the clinic extends its reach in the community by offering free dental screenings and oral health education in schools, camps and various other local venues.(see blog section for more info)

Our Philosophy

At Dr. Avani Jain Pediatric Dentist, our focus is on

  • Building trust and bond with Parents and the little ones
  • Education, Prevention & early interception of oral health problems
  • Highest quality of dental treatment with advanced technology with utmost tender care and love!
  • Adhering to standardized sterilization and disinfection norms.
  • Positive dental attitude with confidence and lasting smiles.

Treatment Approach

At Dr. Avani Jain Pediatric Dentist, We focus on various Treatment Approach

  • Proactive dental care based on Caries Management by Risk Assessment. (CAMBRA protocols)
  • Minimal intervention dentistry which focuses on early detection, prevention and intervention
  • Reducing widespread patient dental anxieties using kids-oriented style, tell-show-do, and distraction techniques.
  • Creating a friendly, joyful environment.