Dr. Avni Jain is the best child dentist in Lucknow. We provide comprehensive, professional dental care for children of all ages. We specialize in three areas: pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and endodontics.

We see new patients every day because we want to make your visits more comfortable and simpler. We will conduct an initial consultation with you before any procedures are done to ensure that you know what is going on and that your child is safe during our office visits.

Dr. Avani provides comprehensive oral health care to kids from infancy to adolescence and teenagers. Her clinic has the latest technology for treatment and painless exams throughout. She believes that every child should have access to world class dental care!

We love this career because we get to help people who need us the most. Let’s make those smiles brighter!

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Dr.Avani Jain, Pediatric Child Dentist in Lucknow (Dentist For Kids/baby)

Dr. Jain specializes in Behavior management, restorative, pulp therapy,
treatment of open Apex(apexification, revascularization),traumatic

Besides that, she has expertise in full mouth rehabilitation under
general anesthesia and sedation (oral, intravenous), interceptive
orthodontics using removable and 2by4 fixed mechanotherapy,
myofunctional, correction of oral habits, preventive oral hygiene skills,
comprehensive treatment of special and handicapped child and
diagnosis of oral lesions in children.

Consulting Doctors 

Orthodontist (Braces specialist)
Endodontist (Root canal specialist)
Prosthodontist and Implants Specialist
Oral Surgeons

What our Happy Parents Say

  • Without a doubt will be returning! The staff is amazing and understands! My son finally giggled at the dentist and wanted to sit by himself!!!. Dr. Avni Jain is the best child dentist in Lucknow.
    Anjali Aggarwal
    Fashion Designer
  • Fantastic experience!! My son had 2 fillings & the team was compassionate, calm & creative since he was very nervous. Great job all around! We’ll be back. Best dentistry for children in Lucknow.
    Swati Saxena
  • WONDERFUL! They treated our kids with dignity & respect. Our Hygienist took the time to help each boy get comfortable and work through their fears. Highly recommend it, especially for kids who struggle with anxiety. Tremendous Pediatric dentist in Lucknow
    Sikha Srivastava
Preeti VermaPreeti Verma
04:55 25 Jul 22
I came across Dr. Avani Jain as I was looking online for a pediatric orthodontist in Lucknow, and they were one of the first ones listed. The testimonials on the site reassured me that they provide quality services, and I was proven right. When my son was examined, he had no cavities or damage to his teeth AT ALL.
Ashok VermaAshok Verma
10:22 23 Jul 22
Dr. Avani Jain is an excellent pediatric orthodontist, with a lot of experience and we were greatly relieved to find her. She is very polite, efficient and gentle with the kids.
Mansi VaishMansi Vaish
16:16 27 Mar 22
One of the finest paediatric dentists in Lucknow. Took my toddler for her caries issue and Dr was so calm while treating her. Highly recommended.
swati chopraswati chopra
17:24 06 Jul 21
I took my 3 year old daughter to Dr. Avani Jain for her dental check up. She treated her very patiently and did painless treatment. I will highly recommend Dr. Avani for dental treatment of children.
Tanmay MunjalTanmay Munjal
05:30 20 Mar 21
What’s better than not travelling all the way to Lucknow and getting facilitated with prompt dental services maintaining utmost levels of sanitation and hygiene managed effectively and efficiently by a women herself. Definitely gonna recommend to all those who’ve been looking for dental services in Barabanki.
  • Yes, before you try to consult a dentist look for his/her experience in his field, the nature and behavior of the staff with the kids.
  • If the dentists provide the treatment as they post on their websites, ads, and other social media.
  • if they cover up the whole treatment at a reasonable price.
  • if they have proper equipment for the treatment and safety for your child.
  • if the dentist can approach your address in case of emergency and other issues.
  • And finally If the dentist has feasible timings of their clinics.

If you search for a dentist in Lucknow, the consultation price can be up to the range 300 to 500 Rs.

Dr.Avanti Jain is an experienced and well-regarded dentist in Lucknow. She is associated with various branded hospitals and clinics in that area. Dr. Avani Jain specializes in Scaling / Polishing, Pulpectomy, Orthodontic Treatment, Oral Surgery Procedures, Mouth Guard, crown. Dr. Avani Jain has been an active member of ISPPD. She is soft cornered dentist who can give your kid the safest treatment.

To connect with her visit the website to book an appointment.

Clinic Timing:
Mon-Fri - 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Sat - 12:00 – 8:30 PM
Sun - Prior Appointment
Near BBD University | Gomti Nagar

Phone: 76074 92248
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